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Painted masquerade mask in shades of blue painted by Brisbane face painter Beth Joyce


It's all about the smiles,

the laughter and the memories.

Face Painting is loved by people of all ages,

and is a memorable addition to

your Children's Birthday Party, or any event.

That moment when they look into the mirror for the first time, and smile at their transformation is priceless.

I would love to help you to make your child's party or event, memorable and truly colourful.

Organising kids parties and events is hard.

How many invitations should you send out?

How big a cake do you need?

How will you keep everyone entertained?

And so much more.

As Mum to two amazing humans, I have "been there and done that"

and definitely have the t-shirt.

I have painted everything from butterflies and fairies to tigers and superheroes and even a compost bin and banana sideburns.

Let me help you make your event extra special.


Cute winged unicorn face painting with purple and teal. Painted by Brisbane face painter Beth Joyce.


As a face painter and body artist, I also paint faces and bodies for adult events, and beautiful pregnant bellies.

If you would like to learn to face paint, I can help you with that too.

Please click on the links below to see the other services that I offer.

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