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I help businesses to make their events more memorable with stunning live artwork. Creating fabulous eye-catching body art designs for their advertising campaigns, product launches and corporate events.


It's amazing to see the many ways that my body painting has been utilised over the years.

Watch as a body is transformed before your eyes in live body painting demonstrations.

Painted clothing with company logos and slogans.

Photoshoots with beautifully painted models.

From strong and simple, to beautifully intricate designs, I can create artwork tailored to your needs.

Body painting under UV lights is spectacular!

Impress your clients or event attendees with models painted in glowing artwork.

Having trouble finding the perfect Halloween costume?

From zombies and monsters to aliens and fantasy creatures, I can help you create the perfect costume.

I would love to help you to bring your ideas to life.

Shannon Eckstein painted as Marvel's Iron Man for the Courier Mail. Body painting by Brisbane artist Beth Joyce.


Kids aren't the only ones that enjoy getting their faces painted.

I have painted adults at many events, including weddings, costume parties and masquerade balls, birthday parties, nightclub events, promotional events and more.

At Halloween, many adults and families come to me in Manly West for face painting to compliment their Halloween costume.


As a face painter and body artist, I also paint faces for kids parties and events, and beautiful pregnant bellies.

If you would like to learn to face paint, I can help you with that too.

Please click on the links below to see the other services that I offer.

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