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Gaia inspired pregnant belly painting by Brisbane belly painter Beth Joyce. Swirls of purple, blue and teal with Saturn and it's moons surrounded by colourful flowers and vines.


Celebrate your pregnancy, and allow yourself to be pampered before the arrival of your beautiful new bundle.


Bump painting, prenatal art, and pregnancy belly painting are just a few

of the names for this stunning artform.

Regardless of the name, it is a lovely and unique way of celebrating the beauty

of a woman's pregnant body.

I wish I had known about it when I was pregnant with both of my children.

We start with a design created especially for you, and finish with a photoshoot

to capture the results.

Use the photos you receive for a personalised birth announcement,

a print for the nursery

or a lovely addition to your pregnancy and baby photo album.

Are you looking for ideas for your baby shower?

Relax while having your beautiful belly painted, surrounded by friends and family.

What a wonderful way to share the experience.


As a face painter and body artist, I also paint children and adults faces at parties and events,

and bodies for adult parties, private photo shoots and corporate events.

If you would like to learn to face paint, I can help you with that too.

Please click on the links below to see the other services that I offer.

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