Are you looking for innovative and creative ideas to present to your clients?

Body Painting is a fabulous attention grabbing addition to many events.


What better way to enhance your product launch, corporate event, media event or race day,

than with some stunning live artwork.


Watch as a body is transformed before your eyes in live body painting demonstrations.

Painted clothing with company logos or sloguns.

Photoshoots with beautifully painted models.

From strong and simple, to beautifully intricate designs, I can create artwork tailored to your needs.

Body painting under UV lights is spectacular!

Impress your clients or event attendees with models painted in glowing artwork.

Having trouble finding the perfect Halloween costume?

From zombies and monsters to aliens and fantasy creatures, I can help you create the perfect costume

for your next spooky event.

Using only the highest quality special effects products, I can create everything from gruesome wounds

and decaying zombies to fantasy creatures and horned monsters.

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