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Is your reach and engagement dropping on Instagram?

You spend time creating an awesome post with a fabulous photo, only to get "crickets" - Now what?

For many people, it's "rinse and repeat" - for others it's "back to the drawing board"

It's time to stop the cycle! 

Unsure how many hashtags to use, and which ones?

"Use hashtags" 

"Don't use hashtags"

"Use all 30"

"Never use all 30 hashtags"

"Use super popular ones"

"Don't use popular hashtags"


Wait........ WHAT?

Find out what actually works, to keep you from becoming invisible!  

Your "follower count" - how important is it really?

Do you REALLY need thousands of followers in order to market yourself effectively?

"People tell me that I will know I've "made it" when my follower count rises above 10,000 - that must be the magic number!"

What if I said that it's NOT all about having masses of followers.

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